Adaptots and Types of Adaptors

An adaptor is a system that allows a specific kind of hardware to work with another system that would otherwise be mismatched. Examples of plugs include electric plugs, movie plugs, sound plugs, and system plugs.

An electric adaptor, for instance, may turn the inbound current from 120V to 12V, which is suitable for a radio or other small system. Without regulating current through an adaptor, the inbound electric surge could literally fry the inner components of the product. Most consumer electronics have plugs attached to the plug at the end of the electric cord. Whenever you see an plug surrounded by a large box, it is most likely an electric adaptor. You can generally find the feedback and outcome current printed directly on the adaptor. A system that does not have an adaptor on the end of its electric cable generally has a built-in current adaptor. For example, personal computer systems generally have the adaptor built into the inner power supply.

Video plugs and sound plugs adapt one kind of interface to another kind of connector. For example, a DVI to VGA adaptor allows you to link theDVI outcome of a laptop to the VGA feedback of a projector. Most professional sound devices use 1/4" sound jacks, while most computer systems have 1/8" "minijacks" for sound feedback and outcome. Therefore, 1/4" to 1/8" sound plugs are often used to import sound into computer systems. Likewise, an 1/8" to 1/4" adaptor can used to outcome sound from a computer to a professional speakers. Since a large number of movie and sound interfaces exist, there are hundreds of movie and sound plugs available.

Network cards, or NICs, are also called system plugs. These include Ethernet cards, inner Wi-Fi chips, and external wireless transmitters. While these devices don't turn connections like sound or movie plugs, they enable computer systems to get connected to system. Since the system card makes it possible to get connected to an otherwise mismatched system, the card serves as an adaptor. Similarly, movie cards are sometimes called movie plugs because they turn videos clip signal to an image that can be displayed on a monitor.


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