About Windows 8.1 and Review

Microsoft company is set to release the updated version of windows 8 as this new version will be known as windows 8.1. It includes essential updates and services from the Microsoft.

 Some key features of this new windows is as it comes as with new and updated apps and store.
Well it is not yet introduced in market but it will be more than a service pack for the windows.

One of the key feature of this is that it comes with the updated version of the internet explorer browser.

We have till now 10 versions and this new pack comes with internet explorer 11. It will provide a better experience to the user. The draw backs faced by the internet explorer 10 are overcome in this newer version.

Microsoft is always keen to provide the user with best of its experience and for that this windows will come with already built skydrive. This function will help the user to use the skydrive properties within the windows 8.1 going externally to it. The user can save the files and folder while the Microsoft will be updating it always.

Another feature of this new updated pack of the windows is that it have the property of tiles. You can even change its size according to your comfort.

The news has come and now everybody waits for the arrival of the new windows 8.1 which is hoping to fulfill the wishes and desires of the user using windows 8.

About the price it is free of cost for upgrade while some may face problems while updating their windows due to their slow net connectivity.

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