How to Fix iPad Home Button

Fixing up the home button on an iPad is not a big task when you are known to the issues.

First Determine whether the home button problem is been due to the hardware or the software.

 The main thing about the Apple is that they are always providing the guides to resolve all the problems regarding the iPad's software issues. It have a five step trouble shoot program which will help to fix the home button.

 Some of the people said that the recalibration will also help to solve this issue.

 To try this, start one of the iPad' applications like Notes, media and keep the Sleep/Wake button at the top of the it till the "Slide to power off" is been displayed and then keep down the home key for a few moments until the app on the display ends.

It also have the multitasking gesture which will help you to use the fingers instead of the home button for several tasks.

Also a viral home button on the main screen can be put which may turn out to be another alternative for the not working Home button.