How to Safely Remove the USB When Windows Says "It's Not Safe To Remove"

Whenever we are pulling the USB without safely removing it then it may harm the files aor crash the applications sometimes But what if it cannot be removed safely. Well there are some alternate ways here they are discussed :

First Simple Step Given in Windows:

Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon within the notification area and choose the drive. After you get the "Safe to remove the  Hardware" message, it's safe to get rid of the hardware. But a fewer times it may come up with Dialogue Box displaying as the Device currently in use.
This can be fixed

Guessing makes a decent beginning to the solutions. Close all the works you are doing on the computer or laptop and close all the explorers there may be any program using the drive. If it doesnt work then completely close all the program and turn off the windows and restart it. Now repeat the same it will work usually.

Other than this you can just log off then log on and repeat the steps. Its a lot faster than the Shut down process as you don't have to close the Windows fully.

With the Help of Unlocker:

One another way is to Download the Unlocker. It is free of cost to download and it works Even for external Drives though it is used for the free up of files.

Download the Unlocker and install the program on yopur computer. Then, whenever next time you put in a USB  Windows will tell you that a "device is presently in use" right-click on the drive and choose Unlocker. The unlocker program will tell you what is causing the problem.

Best about the Unlocker software is that it also gives the solution by which you can kill the process and try removing the USB again.

One thing you can do rahter than killing the proces is by just going in the Menu and looking for which application is using the USB and then Close the program maually.

Hope this article works for you.


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