Intel Brain Scanning Techniques to Driver Safety

The very famous Intel is been planning to launch a new and very unique kind of technology which will gives the Driver a relax while driving.
Accidents is been a very tragic and frowning issues from the past and seeing that the Intel has introduced a new technique to reduce the risk of Accidents. This new technology is based on what is called functional near infrared spectroscopy. 
In this when the person is driving and the main focus is given at the direction of the roads rather than the many other thoughts he or she is thinking or on the mind comes always. 
The Intel Showed its proof of the new safety technology by showing and updating it with a clip of test drive with the car driver having it speed of 50 miles per hour and then speeding it up to 250 mph. When he was driving there were many other thoughts coming in his mind but this new infrared technology made his mind back to focus on the driving.
This technique gives the driver a little bit more time to think over and react accordingly to the situation. In this when a scooter driver speeds up , or turning or stopping then the driver receives the alert message.
In this when something like this happens the modulated light signal is been received through the camera and the alert message is been shown in the mobile application.
In this there is a infrared cap which always receives the signals from the camera fitted on the car/ scooter or any other vehicle and then the signals are converted into the message and shown into a mobile app which displays all the statistics about it. This all provides the driver more time and relaxation while driving.
In future this will somehow reduce the risk of the accidents but to which limits it will be a question 
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