Top Ten Best Employers In India 2013 | India's Best tech companies

1. Google
Undoubtedly Google takes the place of best tech employers in India. It's overall  ranking is 1. In India the Headquarter of Google is situated in Bangaluru city, the well known Tech city of India. They have a total of 1,503 employers with having a very good sex ratio (F/M) of 1:1.2 . One of the best thing about the Google is that they give access to the products to their employees before they are launched so that the they can give them feedback about it.

2. Intel 
Intel is at number 2 for the best tech employers in India. The Headquarter of it is situated in Bangaluru. The total number of employers working for them are 3,472 with having a sex ratio (F/M) of 1:3.9.  They keep the new employer with utmost care so that the person may not feel alone.

NIIT holds the 3rd Position because it have a very good image in the tech industry. Headquaters of the NIIT is situated in Gurgaon City of Haryana. They have a total of 2,448 employers and the sex ratio (F/M) is 1:81. They have a program called "To My Leader with Love", "Conversations with CEO" so that they can talk with the CEO and other members to keep the relations going on smoothly.

4. MakeMyTrip
MakeMyTrip grabs the 4th position. It is a well know website for the people planning to make their trip on their holidays or any other occasion. They have the headquarter situated in Gurgaon City. They have a total of 1,324 employees. They have a sex ratio (F/M) of 1:2.45.

5. Idea Cellular 
 The well Known Idea Cellular holds the 5th rank. Headquarter of Idea Cellular is situasted in Mumbai the Economic Capital of India. They have a total of 7,977. The sex ratio (F/M) is 1:10.3. They have been growing significantly as the mobile users in India are Growing day by day.

6. Tavant Technologies
Tavant Technologies comes at number 6. The total employees working for them are 689. The overall rank of Tavant Technology is 23. Headquarter of Tavant Technology is situated in Bangaluru city of India. The sex ratio (F/M) is 1.2.

7. Vodafone
Vodafone takes the posityion of 7th. The overall rank of vodafone is 24. The total employees working for the vodafone is 11,260 while their headquarter is situated in the Economic capital of India Mumbai. Same as Idea Cellular their Network is grwowing day by day as the Mobile users  are increasing and for better services they choose what gives them the best. The Sex ratio of Vodafone employees are 1:6.1.

8. SAS Institue 
SAS Institute have the overall ranking of 29. Headquarters of SAS Institute is situated in Mumbai. They have a total of 593 employees working. The sex ratio of SAS Institute (F/M) is 1:3.3.  They have a Optimum Reach structure to build up strong relationship with each other.

9. NetApp
The overall ranking of NetApp is 34. The total employees working for NetApp is 2,011. NetApp headquarter in India is situated in Bangaluru. The sex ratio (F/M) of NetApp is 1:4.2.

10. Intuit
Intuit holds the 10th position in India while in overall ranking is 37. They have a total of 680 employees working. Headquarter of Intuit in India is Situated in Bangaluru City. The Sex ratio of Intuit (F/M) is 1:5.6.