Android 4.3 Features

World's most trusted search engine and Android operating system developing company Google has launched it's newer version of Jelly beans which will be Android 4.3.
Though it is not so much different from the Jelly beans older versions but it still have some promising features which will be helpful in providing users with some trust-able experience. 

Some of the features of this new Android 4.3 is discussed below: 

1. Gaming is Improved
In this newer version Android 4.3 you will get a better gaming experience as compared to the older versions of jelly beans. It is because the Android 4.3 comes up with OpenGLES 3.0, which is directly integrated into it. OpenGLES 3.0 enables the developers to develop 3D games with high quality images,details and functions. 

2. Low Power Bluetooth Support
Android 4.3 brings support for Bluetooth Smart and AVRCP standards. While the former is meant for low-power devices like medical gadgets and smart-watches  the latter is used for controlling electronics like TVs and showing metadata from music tracks etc.

Android 4.3 also has a change in its notifications. Not the apps will have the option of relaying notifications to the smart-watches and also the digital health monitors as notification will pop up on Android 4.3 .

4. High Quality Content Streaming
In Android 4.3 you can integrate DRM feature by which you can stream to high quality contents online directly. This feature will help building good user experience with the world of streaming.

5. Restricted Profile
Android 4.3 has the option of creating a new profile. Now with this you can create your own profile and also can choose your apps. This will even give you control over your location tracking. 

6. Other Features
Some other features of new Android 4.3 are multitasking and many language support. Many language support makes it available for a wide range of population as it will be now available in their local language which will even help in providing good user experience. It also has a simple setup. 

These are the features of the Android 4.3 that were not present in the previous versions of the Jelly Beans.