Best Alternatives of Google Play App Store

Having an Android phone and don't have access to Google's play App store that seems to be a little bit unusual. Right or want to just have some cool apps that do not meet Google's rules?
There is nothing about to worry if you don't have Google play App Store. Android smartphones don't have the restriction that you can only download apps from Google Play App Store you can download apps from many other Store and here the top ten best alternatives are provided for the Google play app store from where you can download cool apps for your smartphones.

1. Android Pit
Android Pit market is one of the best alternate to Google Play app store as like in Google Play App store you can read the reviews about the app you are about to download and reading it's reviews you can decide whether it's giving satisfactory results to the users. It also have Screenshots of app by which you can overview it. You can get an idea of the app you are about top download with the help of the screenshots. It also have ratings for the apps. Half of the total number of Apps at Android Pit, you can download directly from there and rest it redirects to the Google play App Store.

2. 1Mobile Market
1Mobile Market is also a must try app Store. You can download this App Store from it's main website . It is a very user friendly App Store as it have a index of all the Apps which are distributed about so many different categories. List of all the different categories ex:- Photo editing,Video player etc are given and with the help of that you can choose your category and get an appropriate app.

3. Slideme
Slideme is one of the best alternative to Google Play App Store because it is just like Google Play App Store. Before downloading,You first have to create a free account and then you can start you downloading.
You can also limit the number of apps displayed per page so that you can minimize your data cost. You can also set your country so that you can browse local apps and also it have the function of locking the app with a PIN. You can download this App Store from .

4. Amazon Appstore
Here also you first have to log in to your Amazon Account and then you can start downloading. Though it does not have all the apps that Google Play App Store have but here in Amazon Appstore you can get a paid app for free everyday. You can download it from

5. Mobo Market
From Mobo Market other that the Apps and Games you can download themes and wallpapers. It also have built-in download manager where you can manage your downloads and it makes installation and uninstalling very easy. You can get it from .

6. AAOMarket 
AAOMarket have almost all the apps for free. It only have quality apps so you must give it a try if you are searching for some good alternative to Google play app store. You can get it from .

7. F-Droid
If you just want free apps then you must install F-Droid marketplace. Here all the apps are free and also it has different apps for different versions of Android which gives a better option getting the most compatible and appropriate app for user. You can get it from .

8. Google E-Reader App Store 
Google E-Reader App Store is very easy to use market place. Google E-Reader App Store has a very basic interface. You can download it from .

9. Opera App Store
Opera App Store is also a very good alternate to Google Play App Store. About 70% of the listed apps are free here. You can download it from .

10. Manufacturer app store
Manufacturer app store is a market place of the company itself where they provide you with the apps that are also listed on the Google Play App Store. So if you don't have Google Play App Store you can get it from the Manufacturer's App Store.

These are the top ten best alternatives to the Google PLay App Store. If you don't have these then must give a try and enjoy.