How To Update Android OS

Everyone wants to get the best of all the things available in the market. It is also applicable in the case of mobile operating system. As we see in the world of mobile operating system there are so many mobile operating system now available for the users in which the few most popular are Android, symbian, and so many others.

Android operating system is now a days widely used OS because of it's great functionality and compatibility. Google has always tried to provide the user with the best of the experiences and as in case of Android it has just launched the newer version of the Android Jelly Beans which is Android 4.3 . Though Android 4.3 is just like the older version but it do have some different features from it. If you want to know about the features of the Android 4.3 you can visit this link here
 Android 4.3 Features.
 Most of the user have the problem of updating their previous operating system to the new operating system available in the market. It is always appropriate to download the latest version of the operating system to the smartphone to keep it up to dated and safe.

Here today i'll tell you how to update your Android operating system. It is very easy just follow few steps and you will have your updated version.

Step 1
First of all, for your goodness back up all your contacts, messages, notes, gallery files and any other important thing so that if anyhow you loose your valuable thing you can get it back. Though the risk of loosing the files are very less but still it is advice to do so.

Step 2
Now after you have backed up all your important files simply click on the MENU button. When you click on the Menu button it will show all you programs and settings tab.

Step 3
Now after you have opened the Menu tab go to the settings option which will be there in the Menu. When you click the settings option you will have a list of all the settings you can make to your smartphone.

Step 4
After you have opened the settings tab go downwards and there you will find an option of About Phone. In the about section it will show you all the details of your smartphone and if new updates are available it will show.

If new updates are available you can get it from there. It is very simple as you just have to go to About option and from there you can get the latest Android operating system.