How To Use iPhone as a Mouse

Suppose you are in between of some important work and suddenly your mouse stops working what will you do?
At that time have you ever thought of using your iPhone as a mouse?
Most probably you may not have thought like that, but you can do it. Yes, you can turn your iPhone into a mouse by following just few simple ways which are explained in this post below. Just follow the step by step procedure described below and after following it you will be able to use your iPhone as a mouse.

Here is the step by step procedure:

Step 1: 
Go to the app store on your iPhone.

Step 2:
Search for "TOUCH MOUSE"

Step 3:
Download the app and install and then Run.

Step 4:
Now go to your PC, or laptop and then search for "Touch Mouse" in any search engine such as yahoo or google.

Step 5:
Click on first link Logitech Touch Mouse.

Step 6:
Now click on the Download option.

Step 7:
Choose your OS (Operating System) such as Windows, MAC etc and download it.

Step 8:
Now go to the download folder of your computer or the folder where you have saved your setup file. There you will see that it is a .dmg or .exe file.

Step 9:
Install the application and then double click on the Touch Mouse icon.

Step 10:
Now go back to the iPhone and Go to the app and then find the server to your laptop or PC.

Step 11:
Just click OK and now you can use your iPhone as a mouse.

After you have completed all the steps hopefully you will be able to use your iPhone as a mouse.
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