Tips to Maintain Your Android Phone

Working on Android phone feels great but sometimes due to some technical issues it just slows down and freezes. Android's Operating System are basically designed to handle such slow downs but recently now a days so many problems regarding the Android phones have been registered. Here are some tips which will help you to maintain your Android phones properly.

1. Manage your applications
In Android phones basically there are so many applications and sometimes the unavailability of the task manager may lead to slow down your processor. There may be some application running in the background which you may not know. So if you don't have a task manager in your phones download it and install it which will help you manage your apps properly.

2. Safeguard Against Malwares and Bad Apps
Safeguard against malwares and bad apps may help you keep your device running as new one. There are so many malicious apps which are from unknown sources may cause serious damage to your device. This may infect your phone. So download and install any of the anti virus app and download trusted ones apps only.

3. Manage RAM
One of the main reasons of the slow down is limited amount of available RAM. Due to so many apps installed on the Phone, RAM's free space decreases and this causes the processor to slow down. To keep it running smoothly manage your RAM's free space at the fullest as you can.

4. Clean out Messages and Gallery

Though it is pretty obvious that it is very much painful to delete some memories but rather than cleaning the whole messages and gallery folder just delete the unwanted messages and gallery file which are using some space on the disk. Free as mush as disk space you can.

5. Download NOVA Launcher
Download and install NOVA Launcher from the app store it will boost up the speed of you Android Phone.

6. Switch off Live Wallpapers 
Switching off live (animated) wallpaper will help you increase the speed of your Android phone. When you set any animated wallpaper it also takes so much of battery even. So just put some static wallpaper and save some battery power with a bit of speed up.

7. Factory Reset
Sometimes even after doing a lot of hard work in managing the Phone and its speed it doesn't come up with much satisfactory results. That time all you have to do is to Factory Reset which is one of the last and most trusted options to maintain your Android Phone properly.

Now that you have read this article i hope you have something to do with you Android phone. Happy Time.

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