Buyers' guide: CPU within Rs 25,000

Assuming you currently have a monitor, key pad, and mouse, allow me to share our suggestions on your CPU components...

Buy the Pentium G2020. It really is spiffy enough intended for everyday tasks such as web browsing, photograph and video editing, office work along with gaming.
Cost: Rs 3, 500

Below, go with Gigabyte's GA-H 61M-DS 3. This board can handle the processor we've selected, but be sure that you pick its third-revision (mentioned with its box or within the motherboard itself).

Expense: Rs 2, 900

Get a single stick of 4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM from Transcend or Kingston. The motherboard we have selected has two RAM slots so you can add more memory later on, if required.

Expense: Rs 2, 000

Disk drive
Given that you will install games, opt for a 500GB hard hard drive from either Seagate or Western Digital.

Expense: Rs 3, 100

Artwork card
Go for AMD Radeon HIGH-DEFINITION 7770 (1GB) from brands such as PowerColor, Gigabyte or HIS. This card is that can handle most video games in full HD resolution.

Expense: Rs 8, 500

Chassis and power unit (PSU)
Below, we suggest the particular Cooler Master Top-notch 311 chassis as well as the Corsair VS 450 PSU. Both are good products that won't only support this particular hardware, but also a much better graphics card later on.

Cost: Rs 3, 000 and Rs 3, 200, respectively

Optical get
Pick any DVD MOVIE drive that can handle 22X or 24X writing speed. Samsung along with LG are reliable bets.

Cost: Rs 1, 000
That configuration costs all-around Rs 25, two hundred. But if you can spend 3, 000 much more, you can decide on Intel's Core i3 3210 cpu. The i3 chip is often a better processor as opposed to Pentium G2020 along with promises smoother operations.