Chinese browser is top app on smartphones in India

UC Browser, an app available for just about all major mobile platforms including Nokia Symbian in addition to Android phones, has become the top mobile browser in India. Based on latest data from StatsCounter, the browser manufactured by UCWeb, a Chinese firm, centric 29. 9% of total internet traffic coming from mobile phones in India with July.

The latest figures may very well ring alarm bells within India's security establishment. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials are reportedly cautious growing use of Chinese IT goods in India. In June, IB planned a ban on WeChat, instantaneously messaging app made by the Chinese firm.

Opera browser, which topped the StatCounter list in June with a traffic share of 30. 3%, seemed to be second in July with 30. 5%.

While UCWeb claims it has over 400 million users with 150 countries, majority of them will be in China and India. The browser features a modern and easy-to-use interface in addition to features like caching of video lessons for offline view. This helps users who may have slower data connection in their own phones. It won the 'best browser on the year' from About. com, a well known website, in 2011 and 2012.

In March this holiday season, UCWeb announced that it listed a 60 times growth in India within the last three years.

UCWeb also announced it's designating its office in The indian subcontinent as its "second headquarters" right after China. Xiapeng He, co-founder & president of UCWeb, said that the decision was taken because the company believed in going local to serve yourwants of local consumers.

Kenny Ye, the business's managing director for India, had added, "In the Indian market we have now seen a huge demand with regard to watching videos and mobile retrievals. Our browser is leading the trend however as we are now additional optimizing our product to negate the issues of slow and erratic networks and huge data costs. inch

UC Browser is part of Google's Play store and various app stores, including iOS app store, and hence there is little potential for a hidden vulnerability or malware inside. But that does not mean that it can be not be privacy or security risk to Indian users.

Mohit Kumar, the white-hat hacker and security specialist and who runs TheHackerNews web site, said, "Even benign looking apps could be dangerous. On smartphones it can be performed for apps for seek permissions in addition to access rights that sound genuine and normal ; however , use these permissions to traveler on users or collect their own data without telling users. inch.


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