Doctors connect with patients through smartphones, mobile apps

Technological innovation has seeped so deeply into our lives of which now life is amazing without certain devices. Health professionals, too, take help regarding modern gadgetry like clever phones and their numerous apps for quick decision-making and also easy accessibility.

Services similar to instant messaging (IM) and also MMS, apps that allow totally free exchange of data and the that help monitor various activities in the hospital premises, are one of the favourites with the technological savvy medicos. Some of them may also be tuned into many of the online reference systems, during consultation or maybe in the operation theatre.

"Internet and its multi-dimensional uses have especially benefited critical care practice lots. With educational material being easily obtainable, bedside teaching has become much easier as audio-visual aids works extremely well any time and there is any confusion. It also causes it to become much easier to explain complex procedures as an alternative to just give a theoretical address, " said physician Doctor Rajan Barokar who runs his own hospital. He adds that real-time monitoring of patients has become possible with usage of cameras.

"We can also talk with patients or their relatives to reassure them through video chat services just in case we cannot be actually present near them, " said Dr Barokar stressing that most this offers a freedom of movement and helps use the time more effectively.

Gynaecologist Dr Vaidehi Marathe discusses consulting some patients, even when they had to go to other cities, through discussing reports on IM services. "Even when one is handling a hard case and wants your opinion of fellows or maybe seniors, it is much less complicated through such media as they may be sent to a greater number at one head out. These opinions are also offered instantly, saving much time the critical element in remedies, " she said.

Agrees plastic surgeon Dr Sudhanshu Kothe and adds that the platform of web 3. 0 has especially helped in this regard. "This enables us to discuss cases among ourselves, irrespective of geographical distances. Even in relation to organizing continuous medical education (CME) programmes, web conferencing and also broadcast, things have transformed drastically. In January, we organized one such programme in Nagpur which often had participation of many of the biggest names in plastic cosmetic surgery, some of whom acquired pleaded time constraints for not to be able to make it to the town, " he said, introducing, " Smartphones, tabs, notebooks help us to prepare our time and adjustable task, even replacing diaries and reminding us cures ought to do. inches

For ophthalmologist Dr Shaunak Mokadam, his high-end tablet also helps him in hospital management by having a software. "Images from all machines in the hospital are also directly uploaded in the tablet. Some apps also have helped in educating sufferers. It also helps me in several calculations related to eye that I can do very frequently. Another one helps everyone perform test on children by having a video that keeps these individuals engrossed and attentive which otherwise can be be extremely difficult, " he said.