How to improve sound quality in Skype

Among other things, Skype is subject to the internet's standard traffic and blockage, but there really are a few things you can try to improve this audio quality. If you are with a home network with the rest of the family, ask them to not download video, play games or engage inside other bandwidth intensive activities after a call.

Using a headset microphone instead of the computer's built-in microphone and speakers might make for a bettersounding experience, too. Skype's website recommends several headphones from Plantronics along with Logitech.

If possible, making Skype calls from a computer directly linked with the network with an Ethernet cable can help with the sound recording quality, as a weak Wi-Fi or cellular-data signal can result in lousy sound along with dropped calls.

Using older versions from the Skype software upon either end from the call could likewise affect the sound recording quality. If you think you will be a version or two behind this program's current relieve, open Skype, demand Help menu inside Windows (or this Skype menu about the Mac) and choose Search for updates.

If a more recent version is accessible, the program gives to download and install it for you. Individuals you call routinely should check the systems for updates too.