Leaked! Nokia tablet with Windows RT photo

Nokia, which is trying to generate a mark in the smartphone market using its Lumia range, has always been rumoured to be focusing on a tablet. Now, a report suggests that the company's first tablet is going to be launched soon. A leaked photo with the alleged device also adds weight towards rumour.

Chinese website Digiwo has leaked a picture of rear panel with the Nokia tablet, which is said to experience a 10. 1-inch screen. The image shows the logos with the Finnish manufacturer Nokia, US telecom company Verizon and Microsoft's Windows RT main system. The image also shows that the upcoming tablet is going to be compatible with 4GLTE sites.

Tech news website Your Verge, citing sources, has reported how the tablet will be launched at a celebration in New York "tentatively timetabled for September 26. " Furthermore, it says that the pill, which has been codenamed Vanquish, will be powered simply by Snapdragon 800 chipset and you will be available on AT&T in the united states.

Microsoft last year introduced its Surface RT tablet to take on Apple tablet iPad. This device did not necessarily receive much traction available in the market and recently received a cost cut.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has earlier said how the company is looking on tablet market "very tightly. " Jo Harlow, your manufacturer's executive vice web design manager of smart devices scale, has also said that it is "very interested" in your tablet segment.

In yesteryear, it has been documented that Nokia was arranging a tablet with two batteries - one in the main body and the other inside the keyboard cover. Other rumoured features with the Nokia tablet include HDMI and also USB ports and mobile connectivity.

Recently, leaked images of any Nokia phablet with 6-inch screen plus a phone with 5. 2-inch display have hit the net.