Linux-powered pen that won't let you make errors

German inventors have developed a new pen that gently vibrates every time it senses a punctuation mistake or sloppy handwriting.

Lernstift is often a regular pen with real ink but inside it, is a special motion sensor and a small battery-powered Linux computer using a Wi-Fi chip.

These parts encourage the pen to recognize unique movements, letter shapes and know a large assortment of words. In the event that it senses bad letter formation or messy handwriting, it's going to vibrate, 'ABC News' described.

Users can choose involving two functions: Calligraphy Mode — aiming out flaws of style and legibility or Orthography Mode — recognizing words and comparing the term to a language databases. If the word is just not recognized, the pen will probably vibrate, according to Daniel Kaesmacher, the 33-year-old co-founder of Lernstift from Munich. The other co-founder, 36-year-old Falk Wolsky had taking that approach for the pen recently while his 10-year-old kid was doing his preparation.

"His son had been struggling with his work and being focused and Falk thought the converter should have a pen that gives him some kind of signal so he continues focused, " Kaesmacher explained.

After a year and a half in development, the founders have at the moment brought Lernstift to Kickstarter to commence raising money and gauging awareness.