7 supercool USB gadgets

There is no laptop or computer slot more flexible than the USB. You can use it to link exterior storage space, a DVD generate, computer mouse and printing device, but did you know that you could also use this awesome item of technological innovation to keep your java heated and release surface-to-air missiles? Savio D'Souza and Ashutosh Desai record some...

Zooming in...

Do bugs have dark sight, or brown? What is fingernail substance created of? Is that really infection on my motichur laddoo? It's true: you'll never know when you'll need a USB microscopic lense. Like expert magnifiers, these awesome devices are prepared with a concentrate ring; come with white-colored LEDs to make sure the pictures are obvious and shiny, and you also get application that allows you catch video clips at 30fps - and still pictures at 640x480px solutions.

Depending on how much you're willing to invest, you can choose these thingamajigs that guarantee you magnifications of up to 800x. Connect one to your laptop laptop or computer, and you're guaranteed time and time of pest viewing (if you can get them to present under the lighting, that is).

Where: www.ebay.in
Price: Rs 2,700 to 4,700

Keeping it top secret
Those fun memorandums distributed between workplace cronies had best be kept a key. We wouldn't want the workplace snitch to get his dirty feet on those. Well, he can't and he won't . Not if you have one of these awesome document shreders. Nourish all incriminating records into this gobbler. Then, spread the shreds between four to five wastepaper holders. Hah!

Where: www.hitplay.in
Price: Rs 1,399 (wastebaskets not included)


Nice and bright
Now you never have to kind in the dark. Basically change to USB-powered lighting once the lighting are out. From tedious evening lighting that mild up your key pad, to hipster lava lighting and nerdy lcd paintballs that promote your avant-garde way of life, you'll discover all of these - beginning at a few number of rupees - on the interweb. The globe began with a 'Let there be Light' . 'Amen,' we say.

Where: www.junglee.com, purchasing.indiatimes.com, www.flipkart.com, www.pchub.com
Price: Rs 200 onwards

Protect your airspace 

Offices are risky locations, and who knows what the man in the office space next to yours is planning. It therefore seems sensible to invest money on a USB Rocket Launcher. Set up the application that comes with this SAM launcher, and you can management your attacks from the cpanel that seems to be on your laptop display. A releasing audio gives your concentrate on reasonable caution of an upcoming attack, but not plenty of your energy and effort to avoid what's arriving his way. With one of these by your laptop laptop or computer, everyone will know who's manager. Really, we intended you.

Where: www.naaptol.com
Price:Rs 2,700

Fan, boy
Let them say what they want, but seated at your table all day - whether you're perspiration it out over Facebook or myspace, or maintaining up to date with the newest video clips on YouTube - can be a lot of effort. And what's the use of plowing at your key pad if you can't cure yourself to some animal comforts? The AC might be ON at complete boost, but having your own individual fan in the workplace is chilly still.

Depending on you, you can choose from a variety of styles that fit in with your sensibilities and costs.

Where: www.buysku.com, www.snapdeal.com, www.junglee.com

Price: Between Rs 200 and 3,000

Some like it hot...
Time goes when you're vegetating at your laptop or computer, and it's only when you put that java cup to your mouth you recognize it's been a while since you had resolved down with it. Instead of going to a microwave stove, go on the internet and buy yourself a USB Cup Hotter. It does not need battery power and contains an ON/OFF change. It will execute the easy job of avoiding hot drinks from dropping their comfort and you from dropping your awesome.

Where: purchasing.rediff.com
Price: Rs 499

... and some like it cool 
If you like your alcohol cooled, then you must get the USB Small Refrigerator. Besides, it allows you keep your alcohol right where you want it: Within achieve. Just like the cup warmer, it does not need any car owner set up. Connect it in and let it awesome. And since it can provide just one can at some point, it will also keep your intake within boundaries... probably.

Where: www.hitplay.in
Price: Rs 1,999