How to manage space on Windows Phone 8

One of the main difficulties of owning a smart phone is making sure you don't run out of area for images, songs, movie or applications. Recent up-dates to Windows Cellphone 8 have made storage area space management easier than ever. Whether you're a songs fan who rarely eliminates their headphones, or someone who loves to snap images, eventually you're going to run out of area on your Windows Cellphone. The same goes for regular gamers (especially those playing the Xbox Live titles which are usually more sophisticated and as such take up more storage area space) and anyone who uses their phone for podcasts and watching or recording movie. There are various methods to monitor details use and eliminate details files from a Windows Cellphone. Before removal, of course, you should ensure that you have your details synced to your PC or to the reasoning (using SkyDrive, for instance) before you lose something you might repent later on... Tracking Storage Usage Before you eliminate any details from your Windows Cellphone, you should examine how much area you have on the product, and consider how much you will need. There are two good methods to see how much area you have remaining on your system. First, and an choice start to all Windows 8 customers, is to install the My Windows Cellphone app and synchronize your phone with it. Once start, look for the bar across the bottom of the window and tap Information to see more. Meanwhile you can also examine remaining area on your phone. All Windows Cellphone 8 customers can start Configurations > Cellphone storage area to see a mobile version of the details shown in the Windows Cellphone Sync Device. However, if you use a Htc phone and have the Ruby upgrade, then you'll also have the Storage Check choice available to you in the Configurations selection. As well as showing your details use in an attractive ring chart, a run to will start the Information page where details about specific details types is shown. Delete details files via Windows Explorer When you know what details you want to eliminate, there are several approaches you can take. The first is by connecting your phone to your computer via USB and starting Windows Traveler. You should see your system listed in the left-hand lite (complete with a small Windows Cellphone icon). Choose this to start the browsable details files in Windows Traveler, where you can copy, paste and eliminate details files in the Documents, Music, Pictures, Ring-tones and Videos directory. Use the Windows Cellphone tool to eliminate files The Windows Cellphone Sync Device can also be used to eliminate details files, although this can be time intensive. In Windows 8, with the product synced and the app start, tap the Photos or Music tiles, depending on which type of details you want to eliminate. In the next display, tap and keep a tile to be removed. The perspective selection across the foot of the display will appear, inviting you Delete the item. You can also use Choose All to prepare for bulk press removal. Windows 7 customers have a different interface for the synchronize tool. Here, all you need to do is decide upon Music, Photos, Videos or Podcasts and click the box or decide on a range of details files you wish to eliminate, clicking Delete when you're done. Delete details files with the Windows Cellphone Storage Check tool Owners of the Htc Lumia 920 and above have the advantage of the Storage Check tool, a new feature of the summer 2013 Ruby upgrade for Htc Windows Cellphone 8 devices, as mentioned above. Using it, you can easily eliminate short-term details files from your phone. These can be removed by starting the utility, using to Information and hitting the Obvious button under Temporary details files. Further details can be removed by starting Configurations > Applications and selecting Online Traveler. Here, use the Delete record choice to eliminate short-term Online details files and web record. Finally, if you want to make more area by removing applications, you can eliminate these from the applications list. Tap and keep the app you want to eliminate pick Remove from the selection. There is, of course, one other way to eliminate details from your Windows Cellphone - the atomic choice of returning to manufacturer settings, which can be achieved via Configurations > About > Totally reset your phone. If you want to get rid of your private details and press details files from your phone - perhaps to sell it on - then this is the choice for you. As you've seen above, however, there are three methods to manage storage area and eliminate details on your Windows Cellphone. If you have any comments or questions, please share them below.