How to transfer music from your iPod to new PC

If you originally loaded all the music on the iPod through iTunes on your previous PC, transferring the iTunes library to the new computer moves everything that is on the iPod to the new PC. 

If you have music bought from the iTunes Store, you will need to authorize the new PC to play the files by going to the Store menu in iTunes, choosing Authorize This Computer and entering the name and password you used to buy the songs. 

Songs and albums bought from the iTunes Store can also be copied from iPod to iTunes on the computer by going to the File menu in iTunes with the iPod connected and selecting Transfer Purchases. Apple's own solutions for backing up music are geared toward those who use iTunes and the iTunes Store. 

If your iPod contains music from several sources — like songs converted from compact discs — or even manually copied from different computers, a third-party utility program can copy the music to the new PC from your connected iPod. (Apple's iTunes synchronization copies only music from the computer to the iPod; using iTunes to copy non-iTunes Store music back to the computer typically results in an erased iPod.) 

You can find plenty of inexpensive iPod-transfer shareware around the web. Most can deposit your iPod's music into a dedicated folder on the PC for safekeeping, or even back into iTunes. Sharepod and CopyTrans are two options for Windows.


  1. If you bought all the music from iTunes store, once you plug in your iPod to computer, iTunes will ask you 'transfer purchases' or not. And then you can copy the purchased music from your iPod to iTunes.

    This way is not work for the CD ripped music and website download music. But you can follow this step by step guide to transfer all the music from iPod to iTunes, including the non-purchases songs. It's easy to understand and works pretty well for my iPod.