Google to Start Labelling Well-Optimised Sites as 'Mobile-Friendly'

Google on Tuesday announced a new search label that will show up in mobile search results and let users know which result is best optimised for the smartphones and tablets.
"Starting today, to make it easier for people to find the information that they're looking for, we're adding a "mobile-friendly" label to our mobile search results," confirmedGoogle's Webmaster Central Blog post. The new label will roll out globally in the coming weeks.
Google adds that the webpages will be eligible for the 'mobile-friendly' label if they avoid software that is not common on mobile devices (like Flash); use correctly sized and properly optimised text that is readable without zooming; resize content according to the user's display so that one doesn't have to scroll horizontally or zoom for ideal viewing; and place links far enough apart so that the one the user intends to tap can be easily reached.
Webmasters can check if their webpages are eligible for the label by posting their website URL in the test bar on the website. More details for webmasters to make their pages eligible for Google's new Search labels can be seen on the company's Webmaster Central Blog post. Google notes that tools and documentation for webmasters are currently only available in English, but will be available in more languages soon.
"We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal," said the blog post.
Notably, Google last month was reportedly testing a Material Design overhaul for mobile Web search, which was also rolled out to some users. The report includes that the Material Design mobile Web search mockup is almost entirely non-functional and is more of an interactive animation.