12 Things You Should Learn About Relationships While You're Single

Being single is seen as that sad phase where life takes a dark turn. But there are so many things being single can teach us that fully prepare us for the ups and downs of a relationship. Take a look!

1. You're not alone.

A majority of the world's population is single. So if you are the only one who's single among your friends, you're not the outsider.

2. First impressions are not what they appear to be.

Love at first sight sounds romantic but people change with their moods. What's horrifying is, most relationships end when partners' feelings for each other change over time.

3. A relationship will not solve all your problems.

In fact it could add to a number of them! It feels great to show the world that you're with the one you love but it doesn't solve your problems. There is only so much your partner can do to support you. To be stable, one needs to be independent and self sufficient.
vidya balan

4. Don't play hard to get.

He/she really has other things to do and we can bet they know how to fish.
akshay kumar and kareena kapoor

5. Bad dates are lessons in life.

Think about those disastrous dates and you'll know what not to do on future dates.
aishwarya rai

6. Liking someone for superficial reasons.

If you're with someone for their good looks, wealth, contacts, or sex drive, it's going to be detrimental for you in the long run.
ranvir singh

7. Opposites attract? Maybe, maybe not.

The notion of being attracted to your polar opposite sounds like every love story we read about, but falling for someone with similar interests ensures a relationship that's based on friendship.
srk and kajol

8. Love is blind.

Falling in love is like seventh heaven. Being a singleton gives you the perspective of an outsider while judging someone's relationship. What you see and feel about them will make you differentiate between reality and fantasy.

9. Lower your expectations.

Dating is about having fun and uncovering the journey together. Do not try to ape other couples or set unreal expectations. Live in the moment.
salman khan and aishwarya rai

10. Being single is not a sign that you're a failure.

Some people are just better off being single. Relationships are not signs of conquests of survival. Just look at the amount of divorce rates around the world.
fawad khan

11. The quality of the person you date is proportional to your state of well being.

You are likely to attract a person similar to you when your actions and the way you view yourself in and out are positive. Good luck hunting!
kareena kapoor

12. The memories you make while you're single will be your most cherished ones.

This is the time to be free and test your limits. You are not tied down by personal responsibility and you are never alone. Enjoy it with friends and family. The love of your life can wait :).
ben stiller walter mitty