The Indian Air Force Trailer and Information

"Being a soldier is more than courage. It's sacrificing you, for something greater than yourself." - Anonymous
The Indian Air Force- career
An officer is a member of an armed force or uniformed service who holds a position of authority. To be able to lead and control requires the ability to motivate, inspire others and make tough decisions efficiently.
Joining the IAF helps in developing leadership and management skills and also prepares one to take up challenges in real life situations. Lessons in team work, developing communication skills and confidence, honing strategic and dynamic thinking and preparing you to face pressures with ease are grilled into an officer during his training.
The Air Force teaches you all, not only making men and women of young boys and girls but making them leaders in life. An officer's strength of character and strong moral compass make him/her stand out from the crowd at all times.
Branches in Indian Air Force:
  • Fighters
  • Transports
  • Helicopters

Technical branch:
  • Mechanical
  • Electronics
Ground duty branch:
  • Administration
  • Accounts
  • Logistic
  • Education
  • Meteorology
Skills required:
  • Adaptability to all aspects of life
  • Courage
  • Ability to sacrifice
  • Strong headed
  • Masculine built
  • Leadership skills
  • Independent
  • Social
  • Disciplined
  • Ability of taking quick decisions
  • Placid and punctual
  • Aware and knowledgeable
Where to study?
National Defense Academy -National Defense Academy (NDA), at Khadakwasla, is one of the most prestigious inter-services training establishments in India. Brilliant military leaders, astronauts and several recipients of gallantry and distinguished service awards have graduated from this institution.
The training curriculum spread over three years at the Academy is largely divided into the following activities:
Physical Training
Service Subjects
Academics (you would get a graduate degree on completion of course)
Cadets would go to Air Force Academy for flying training of one year duration. On successful completion of training, they get commissioned as Permanent Commission Officers in Flying Branch.

Air Force Academy (AFA) - The Air Force Academy imparts training to Flying, Technical and Ground Duty Branches as well as flying training to officers of the Army and Navy. It prepares you, both in mind and spirit, to take on the responsibilities of an Air Force Officer. Apart from developing the required skills, you are also trained to inculcate the service code of conduct and etiquette that are expected of an officer. The curriculum encompasses plethora of techniques like projects, case studies, On-job training, presentations, debates, book reviews, guest lectures, public speaking, drill, games, swimming, weapon training, Yoga, field craft training and cultural activities.
Air Force Technical College - On completion of 22 weeks of initial training conducted at Air Force Academy. Thereafter, the remaining 52 weeks of training of engineering Officers is conducted at Air Force Technical College   (AFTC), Bangalore. The training at AFTC is divided into two terms of 24 weeks each separated by a term break. The training includes work in electronic and propulsion labs, specialisation involving visits to R & D establishments, aviation, electronic industries and front line field units to facilitate assimilation.
Flying Training Establishment.
Air Force Administrative College (AFAC)-Air Force Administrative College (AFAC), located at Coimbatore, is one of the oldest training establishments of the Indian Air Force. It has been set up exclusively for conducting training programs for in-service officers of the Air Force, Navy and Army as well as officers of friendly foreign countries. Various courses conducted for in service officers are:
Basic Air Staff Course:
Officers (BASCO)
Intermediate Air Staff Course: Officers (ISCO)
Basic Professional Knowledge Course: Officers (BPKC)
Advances Professional Knowledge Course: Officers (APKC)
Para Legal Course
Besides these, this College is a premier institute for conducting Meteorology branch related courses:-
Initial Forecasters' Course (IFC)
Advanced Met Courses for Met Tradesmen (SNCOs)
2nd Stage Training of GDOC (Met)

Job profile:

As an officer in the Indian Air Force, you lead a challenging, adventurous and rewarding life. As you grow in the organisation, you get many opportunities along your way, like a chance for specialised training in India and abroad, option to study further, possibility to get posted in Indian missions abroad, amongst others. You become an integral part of the adventurous and challenging life Air Force offers you.
Pay and benefits:
As a member of AFGIS, you can avail following loans:
House Building Loan
Computer Loan
Conveyance Loan

Free medical facilities:
  Life long, for officer and family. (Children until dependent)
Insurance- Monthly contribution rates are minimal and the insurance policy covers all contingencies. As an Air Force Officer you are insured for an amount of Rs 50 lakhs with an additional insurance cover of Rs 3.5 lakh for pilots.
Other benefits:
  • Accommodation
  • Leave- Annual leave for 60 days and casual leave of 20 days per year
  • Leave travel concessions
  • Rations
  • Institute and Messes membership
  • School facilities
  • Rail concessions
  • Secured camp life
  • CSD facilities
  • Recreational and sports facilities    

Post retirement benefits: 
  • Pension
  • After retirement from the service, an IAF Officer is entitled to a decent pension which takes care of the needs of the family
  • Insurance
  • Post retirement insurance cover is provided to all Air Force pensioners who have rendered pensionable years of service on payment of minimal premium. The cover given by the Society is up to 72 years of age.
  • Medical
  • All the retired officers and their dependents have access to medical rooms and hospitals equipped with the best of the facilities. Apart from being entitled to the medical facilities, retired Air Force personnel is also authorised for the following benefits: Lifetime medical insurance and grant for commercial venture for personnel who have left due to medical reasons.

Serving the nation is one of the most courageous yet the most satisfying professions. An officer is the epitome of perfection. It's certainly not easy but if you believe you can qualify, this is the best job for any individual. It grooms you into becoming a perfectionist at anything and the perks are exceptionally high. So, there is a great deal to look up to. There's a lot of scope joining the IAF as the country can never have enough of military backup.