Problems and solutions for difficulties faced by girl and women in India (Asian Country)

The culture and tradition of Asian country is taken into account as previous and nice everywhere the globe wherever folks accustomed worship varied feminine goddesses, saints and poets. Asian country is additionally a robust nation and renowned worldwide for being the biggest democracy within the world but, ladies subnormality is additionally terribly clear within the Indian society thanks to the social problems, issues and plenty of restrictions against ladies. ladies belong to the lower and category|bourgeoisie|class|social class|socio-economic class} family suffers quite the ladies of upper class family. ladies within the Indian society typically face issues of sex discrimination, high proportion of illiteracy, feminine infanticide, gift system, etc.

Taking birth as a lady within the Indian society are often same as curse for the ladies. ladies in Asian country face various social problems and issues during the life that area unit huge struggle for them right from their starting of life. feminine infanticide is that the commonest follow of killing lady kid in mother’s female internal reproductive organ within the Indian society. ladies in Asian country area unit thought of as burden for his or her folks and husbands as they suppose that girls area unit here solely to consume cash whole life while not earning somewhat bit.
Another common drawback for girls is sex discrimination that they face from their birth and continues until their death. Illiteracy, lack of correct education, to blame for social unit works, rape, harassment at geographical point, etc area unit some huge problems for the ladies in Asian country. However, plenty of positive changes has occurred within the ladies standing because the variety of educated folks is increasing within the country.
omen within the Indian society are thought of as inferior than men for several years. thanks to such kind of inferiority they need to face varied problems and issues in their life. they need to travel further miles than men to prove themselves like men. folks within the time of life were considering ladies as key to destruction so that they ne'er allowed ladies to travel outside and participate within the social activities like men. Still within the fashionable age, ladies got to face more issues in their way of life and struggle plenty to determine their career. Still there area unit several folks preferring to own solely boy baby and permit education to boys solely. ladies for them area unit solely medium to stay family happy and healthy.
A woman is seen within the society with additional intense ridicule sight and become at higher risk of homicide if she is concerned within the love wedding or inhume caste love wedding. ladies face plenty of challenges thanks to the existence of paternal society, kid bearing and family care roles, deep frozen cultural norms, etc within the Indian society. ladies in Asian country don't have equal access to autonomy, quality to outside the house, social freedom, etc than men. a number of the issues featured by the ladies area unit thanks to their domestic responsibilities, cultural and social such as roles, etc.
ere area unit varied problems and issues that ladies typically face within the society in Asian country. a number of the issues area unit mentioned and delineated  below:
Selective abortion {and feminine|and feminine} infanticide: it's the foremost common follow for years in Asian country during which abortion of female craniate is performed within the female internal reproductive organ of mother once the vertebrate sex determination and sex selective abortion by the medical professionals.
Sexual harassment: it's the shape of sexual exploitation of a woman kid reception, streets, public places, transports, offices, etc by the relations, neighbors, friends or relatives.
Dowry and Bride burning: it's another drawback typically featured by ladies of low or bourgeoisie family throughout or once the wedding. folks of boys demands plenty of cash from the bride’s family to be wealthy in just one occasion. Groom’s family perform bride burning just in case of lack of consummated gift demand. In 2005, around 6787 gift death cases was registered in Asian country consistent with the Indian National Crime Bureau reports.
Disparity in education: the extent of girls education is a smaller amount than men still within the fashionable age. feminine illiteracy id higher within the rural areas. wherever over sixty three or additional ladies stay unlettered.
Domestic violence: it's like endemic and widespread malady affects nearly seventieth of Indian ladies consistent with the ladies and kid development official. it's performed by the husband, relative or alternative loved one.
Girls don't have any property rights like boys forever.
Child Marriages: Early wedding of the ladies by heir folks so as to be free from gift. it's extremely practiced within the rural Asian country.
Inadequate Nutrition: Inadequate nutrition within the childhood affects ladies in their later life particularly ladies happiness to the lower bourgeoisie and poor families.
Domestic violence and standing within the family: it's the abuse or violence against ladies.
Women area unit thought of as inferior to men so that they don't seem to be allowed to affix military services.
Status of widows: Widows area unit thought of as meritless within the Indian society. they're treated poorly and made to wear white garments.
In the ancient Indian society ladies were worshipped and worshiped as goddesses. but within the time of life, the standing of girls got right down to an excellent extent. ladies area unit thought of within the society solely to perform duties like observe youngsters, caring each loved one, and alternative social unit activities. There area unit previous and ancient religion of individuals starting up for years that men area unit for thy field whereas ladies area unit just for the house. Now-a-days, ladies area unit breaking all the barriers of social problems and issues against them within the society. they're obtaining ahead and enjoying equality of standing in the majority fields thanks to being financially freelance and economically sound.
Earlier to the present ladies were facing plenty of issues thanks to male dominated, paternal society system, follow of previous ancient believes, etc. ladies were solely accountable to the normal roles like kid bearing and kid rearing. within the contemporary world, wherever ladies standing has been improved somewhat whereas, still they're facing issues. they need to perform each family and skilled responsibilities along while not the assistance of their husbands. In some cases, the condition of girls become additional embarrassed after they get tortured by their relations rather than obtaining facilitate. harassment is additional common at homes also as within the offices by the relations, relatives, neighbors, friends, boss, etc. they need to suffer plenty in their way of life to nourish their career also as saving their family relationships.
Earlier ladies were facing issues like kid wedding, sati pratha, parda pratha, restriction to widow wedding, widows exploitation, devadasi system, etc. However, the majority the previous ancient issues are disappeared bit by bit from the society however given rise to alternative new problems. ladies area unit incessantly facing several issues even once having sureness, individuality, pride, temperament, capacity, talent, and potency quite men. they're facing issues in their way of life even once they're given equal rights and opportunities like men by the Constitution of Asian country. a number of the main issues fashionable ladies area unit still facing mentioned below:
Violence against women: ladies have gotten stricken by the assorted violence nearly each day that is disrupting the society. ladies area unit being victims of violence at immense level day by day thanks to increasing crimes against ladies (according to the report of Crime Record Bureau of the Central Home Ministry). lady is obtaining abducted at each forty four minutes, raped at each forty seven minutes, seventeen gift deaths each day, etc. they'll face violence at intervals the family (dowry connected harassment, death, marital rape, wife-battering, sexual abuse, deprivation of healthy food, female genital mutilation, etc) or outside the family (kidnapping, rape, murder, etc).
Gender discrimination: Women are considered as weaker section of the society than men and given less importance. Girls children are becoming real victims of the discrimination. There are also discrimination of power and work between men and women because of the patriarchal system families in India. Gender discrimination affects women in the areas like nutrition, education, health, care, decline of female population, job, public life, etc.
Problems of female education: Women education percentage is low in India especially in the rural areas because they are discouraged for higher education like professional and technical education.
Problems related to unemployment: Women are getting more problem in searching their suitable work. They become more prone to the exploitation and harassment in the work areas.
They are given more work and hard tasks by their boss intentionally. They have to prove their devotion, seriousness and sincerity towards work time to time.
Women who are uneducated more prone to divorce and desertion by their husbands on any stage of life. They have to live whole life with fear of divorce. In some cases they have to finish their life because of unbearable conditions.
Dowry system is another huge women problem in the society which is increasing day by day. Women are ill-treated, man-handled, disrespected, tortured and suffer other cruelties (violence, murder and suicide) because of the lack of dowry at the time of marriage. It cause degradation of women status to a great extent.