How to turn off Facebook Auto Playing Videos

Facebook's auto-playing videos are a nuisance, here is a way to turn them off

Facebook announced the auto-play feature on its website and app quite some time ago. But it has begun to appear in the timeline only now. To a user who browses the social media website on a limited data connection -- which means almost all the Facebook users in India -- this feature is not only a nuisance in terms of user experience but also something that hits the wallet hard.
Yes, we get it why Facebook is doing so. For the social media site, this is the way to compete with the YouTube. Unfortunately, it comes at a cost. It makes the Facebook timelines of users messy and chaotic. Worse, it hits the consumers hard, who may see their 500MB or 1GB of allotted monthly data vanish in couple of days because as soon as they open the Facebook app, the videos would start streaming, whether they like it or not.
Fortunately, there is a way out. You can switch off the auto-playing for videos. Here is how you can do it.
For website:
Click on the arrow at the top right corner of the page and go to 'Settings'.

 Click on 'Videos' in the panel on the left side.

Click on 'Default' button in front of Auto-play videos, and select 'Off', or if you wish to use the feature on Wi-Fi then select 'Wi-Fi Only'.

For app:
 Tap the horizontal bars at top of the screen, and go to 'App Settings'.

Turn off 'Videos play automatically'.