What things are socially unacceptable in India that a foreigner might not be aware of?

In general:

1. Shoes off - not simply outside temples, however mosques and most households too

2. We appear to be obtaining bolder, however still not outside a fairly secluded spot.

3. No comments on Muslim burqas (or their cousins "hijaab" and "niqab") - or for that matter, probability encounters with Hindu ladies with frock draped over the top.

4. No processing noses publically. we have a tendency to Indians might urinate overtly on streets, however notice public nose processing barbaric.

5. No cribbing if you do not notice a roll lavatory I mean Tissues during a loo. we have a tendency to wish to wash our backsides with water, thank you.

6. No shaking hands with the other sex. we have a tendency to area unitasure} a "touch me not" culture once it involves the opposite sex. If you cannot manage our "salaam - namaste" while not apparent affected, an easy "Hello" would do.

7. I know this ain't Asian nation, it's Dubai. however that kind of dressing by ladies on Indian streets can draw exactly that kind of appearance, if not catcalls.

8. We area unit prudes puh-leez. Kindly no speak on sex.

9. Make no derogatory remarks regarding the cow, despite what tumult it's inflicting or however sickly it's. The cow does not mind, however it's valorous human defenders do.

10. Final amendment: do not let this get your goat if you're self-addressed that means - or aunty, brother or sister because the case is also. it's not devil's provocation, it's simply the means we have a tendency to area unit - generically unable to suppose outside family relationships.