Harvey Weinstein the Famous film producer Surrendered | Charged with Rape and Sex abuse

Harvey Weinstein surrendered today at the New York police department. He is expected to be charged with sexual misconduct and will likely be taken to New York county criminal court.  It is believed he will be released on $1 million bail and will have to wear an ankle monitor.
The disgraced media mogul was wearing blue sweater and a black blazer and avoided reporters’ questions. He was carrying books along with him. He has repeatedly denied the allegation of nonconsensual sex levied on him.
The matter had come into light after two different publications reported of his sexual misconduct. Since then, over 100 women have accused him of sexual harassment including big names like Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd and Uma Thurman. Some of the charges against him are as grave as rape. The women said Harvey Weinstein continually threatened to ruin their careers if they went public with their stories.
It was in October 2017 that his victims decided to go public. The victims outpouring took the shape of a movement and triggered campaigns like “Me too” and “Time’s up”. They drew attention to the sexual abuse and harassment prevalent in the entertainment industry and society in general.  The outcry resulted in Harvey being fired from the production company which bears his name. It had earlier in the year filed for bankruptcy and its remains will be sold. He was also suspended from BAFTA and expelled from the Academy.
The victims have tweeted their happiness at the turn of events, hoping that justice will prevail in the end and Weinstein will be held accountable by the law for all his wrongdoings.
Ronan Farrow, winner of Pulitzer Prize for reporting on sexual harassment cases against Weinstein, called it an incredible and unexpected moment for all his victims.

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