How can IOT overhaul different sectors in India? | IOT and different sectors of INDIA

               How can IOT overhaul different sectors in India?


                    Internet of Things(IOT) is the common buzzword we hear every day. It’s a wave of change which will impact not only how we live but also how we work. The 21st century insight is that everything that can be connected will be connected. That’s the objective of IOT. As Gartner puts in, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment. Basically it brings in data, connectivity, sensors and devices together to make Internet a lattice of things which cooperate, interact and even performs task intelligently.
               The IOT can impact the Indian economy too-
·        AGRICULTUREIndia is predominantly an agro based economy as majority of population is engaged in it. IOT can equip agriculture by creating a network of connected informatics, enabling real-time information on weather, monitoring water level of rivers for flood alert, update in soil fertility and pH balance and estimate the market demand for seasonal crops. IOT can also use sensors maintain storage condition to prevent spoilage of crops.

·        HEALTH Gone are those days where patients used to stand in queue for long hours. The healthcare is equipped with smart machines which connects people and facilities like diagnosis, fitness, monitoring post illness etc thus saving our time, money and effort. It ensures P2M (Person to machine) relationship for well being and be accessible from remotest corner.

·        SMART CITIES- IOT will facilitate building smart cities by engaging multiple “smart” services like intelligent traffic control, public safety surveillance, parking management, automated building resource management, Wi -fi service to make our lives better.

·        MANUFACTURING- The manufacturers can employ sensors and other software solutions to monitor plant and industrial operations continuously through automation. Moreover, IOT can help these units to track demand for their products and plan productions accordingly with data insights.

·        ENVIROMENT- IOT will help in the pursuit of making smart environment by implementing programs like solid waste management using predictive analytics, monitoring on air and water quality, checking industry waste and pollution paving way for a safe environment. It can also provide real time alerts on voltage and energy consumption.

The Government of India has a planned target to create an IoT industry in India worth USD 15 billion by 2020. The government is pursuing the scheme Digital India aggressively and it has partnered with NASSCOM, DEITY along with TCS, Intel, Amazon Web Services and FORGE Accelerator to establish a Centre for Excellence in Bangalore. This institution will foster skill development and innovation in IOT technology. The GOI is also planning to develop IOT products specifically to suit Indian needs.

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