Trouble for Basic savings deposit bank account holders | PMJDY beneficiaries to get effected

Trouble for Basic  Saving Deposit Bank Account Holders
There has been wave of trouble for basic savings bank deposit account (BSBDA) holders — including those having Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana accounts . They are facing the penalty for exceeding the withdrawal limit (debit) 4 times a month as several banks are simply freezing these accounts once the limit of 4 withdrawals is crossed. Sometimes , when the number of withdrawals reaches to 5 , banks are simply converting them into normal savings account without the consent of the account holders. Henceforth , these account holders are required to pay charges for maintaining normal savings account.
                   The information from a technical report  Can BSBDA depositors have long innings?Be aware and remain vigilant’  says that State Bank of India (SBI) and Axis Bank prevent customers from undertaking any debit transaction beyond four in a month, virtually freezing accounts of the customer. HDFC Bank and Citi say that they will convert the basic account into a regular account if a customer withdraws for a fifth time. ICICI Bank in the past used to charge for the fifth transaction, but of let has started refunding the amount after being told that they cannot apply charges. As of now, the bank allows free transactions beyond four.
                   It is expected from Reserve Bank of India to take some stringent measures against this kind of activities conducted by banks. The involuntary conversions  of BSBDA should be checked as the sole purpose of zero balance zero savings account was to promote financial inclusion. No doubt the private banks need to conduct their business and earn profit but they cannot deviate from the guidelines issued by the GOI and RBI. The RBI should also consider on removing restrictions on online purchases ,transfer money or use RuPAY debit card at merchant locations to conduct day to day business. The BSBDA scheme was launched not just for low income groups but also for other sections of the society without any restriction on income.