Why Princess Markle is the new obsession | Prince Harry weds Megan Markle

Markle- The new obsession
Wedding pic of Harry and markle

                   The global news channels biggest event coverage in the month of May was all about Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle’s wedding. We have all seen how they have been under the constant glare of media ever since their engagement was announced last year. Fans have been pouring down with blessings and wishes to the couple and even they have started predicting the number of kids the couple shall have and what not.
                     The question rises that what is reason of obsession with the British Royal family or any kind of celebrity affair, coronation, child birth and marriage. The excitement percolates down to psychological level .We are all too exhausted with our daily chores in office, schools and domestic life. Here comes the  Royals who give a refreshment of the life we have desired for- fame, money, love, grand marriage. The fairytale belief has been kept alive– commoner marrying a prince .
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                    We all know that it’s an one sided attachment , yet our blessings knows no bound. The Monarchies of 21st century like Great Britain , Norway , Spain etc typically perform the duties of a Ceremonial Head with very limited authority. The Royal marriages serves as a marketing tool for the Monarchies through which they are able to keep the curiosity of the people alive . The lives of the Royals bring in an air of mystery, glamour of past authority and an imaginative life style which common people craves for. Such is the captivation for the Royal Event that Britain’s tourism in this month has surged and given a boom to the economy.
                       Meghan is a phenomenal actress but her credibility is secondary rather her background as bi-racial ,divorcee and elder than her groom are the attributes which are in prime focus in the minds of the people. The belief on fairytales is re-established with Meghan’s entry into British Royal Family. The Royals are those people whose career and life are predetermined unlike us. They are put into that framework since childhood and this makes them celebrity. They have been trained to create an interest amongst us and needless to say, they are very much successful in this venture