Italy's New populist Government sworn in | All you need to know

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After days of uncertainty and bitter rows over the formation of new government, Italy’s new populist government will be sworn into power today. President Sergio Mattarella has given his consent to a revised list of ministers.

Former political opponents Five Star Movement (M5S) and the far-right League released a joint statement announcing that Giuseppe Conte would be serving as prime minister. Conte, who is a considered a political newcomer, met the president and put forward the revised list of ministers.

Earlier, there was a huge uproar when Conte had insisted on making Paola Savona, an 81-year-old Eurosceptic, as the finance minister. The president had vetoed the choice, prompting the coalition government to give Savona the post of European Union minister instead.
The news will bring some relief for the European nation, which has been embroiled in a political crisis for weeks as the threat of looming snap elections is removed for now. It is now to be seen how two former political opponents will jointly govern the country.

The role of the interior minister has been given to Matteo Salvini, the league leader. A fierce critic of Brussels, he had promised mass deportations of migrants from the country during the election campaigns. Luigi Di Maio, the M5S chief will be taking a powerful new post, which combines labour and industry portfolios. The finance ministry will be led by Giovanni Tria, who is a practically unknown economics professor. 

President Mattarella who had already nominated Carlo Cottarelli to serve as interim prime minister decided to put a hold on his plans to give the populists parties some more time to reach a new agreement.

Both the parties have similar views on Brussels and Italian “elites”. Together they have decided to work towards scrapping the pension plan and cut back on the taxes.

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