Trump brings another surprise, withdraws from United Nations Human Rights Commission


In a disappointing yet unsurprising move, the United States of America has withdrawn from the United Nations Human Rights Council membership. The decision was announced by the US ambassador to the UN Nicki Haley in a press conference in Washington DC. US Secretary of the State Mick Pompeo was also present alongside Haley at the press conference.

The decision was not surprising though, as ambassador Haley has been giving hints of taking such a step since the day she took the charge. The US, Haley said, believes that the UNHR has been biased towards its criticism of Israel and its human rights violation against the Palestinians protestors. The US has accused the organisation of making a mockery of human rights and called it a self-serving institution.

The move, which is seen by many as a way for the US to defend its key ally Israel, has been condemned by the council as well as its member countries. The decision to withdraw when the US is drawing sharp criticisms over its zero-tolerance policy has been seen as a step of US to defend human rights abusers. It has also drawn attention to the one-dimensional policy of the united states towards human rights.

The Geneva-based council has 47 member countries selected by the UN general assembly and any member can only serve two terms of three years in a row. The US had declined to be a member of the council when it had been formed 12 years ago under the presidency of George W Bush.

It was only under the presidency of Barack Obama three years later that the superpower joined the UNHRC. It is for the first time in the 12 years history of UNHRC that a member has withdrawn its membership. Earlier Libya had been suspended from the council following Mohammed  Al-Qadhafi’s violent crackdown on anti-government protestors.

But since the day Donald Trump assumed office, he has been pulling out of major international agreements and forums including the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran nuclear deal. The president’s America first policy is believed to be the root cause of the alienation of America from the international forums.