Why Democracy is in DANGER in India!! Must Watch

Democracy is a system of Government in which the people of a state or polity are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting , to elect representatives to a Parliament as defined by Oxford dictionary.
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               Only in a democratic, free market society of human beings can preserve their dignity. To defend individual freedom is to protect human dignity. And protecting individual freedom requires respect for private property and the free market. Without these two social institutions, any attempt to build a more humane society is doomed to fail.

In the current scenario as mentioned by Dr. Shashi Tharoor makes us think where we all are leading to and how important for all of us to think about it and vote in general elections of 2019.

               Although democracy may not always be the cause of initial economic progress, it seems to be one consequence of that progress. The correlation between a democratic government and economic growth is certainly evident. We have the famous Yew’s line of reasoning, where we observe rapid growth in much of Africa, Asia and Latin America from 1960-1990, during the time these regions were primarily under the rule of totalitarian dictators. We may see correlation between totalitarian rule and economic growth is some situations, but dictators are rarely so benevolent and often use the political system to fulfill their own interest.

             Democracy is very much responsible and important for the development of the nation. In a democratic country, the citizens are free to express their views and opinions on decisions taken by the government and this makes the government take more responsible decisions and they go with the majority of people. I think democracy by itself can achieve some form of progress in a state governed by dictatorship by treating residents over whom the state claims dominion with equal concern and equal respect- a very egalitarian defence. It is some kind of development to the extent to which, and only to that extent, dignity of the majority is guaranteed.

               Respect for human dignity implies commitment to create conditions under which individuals can develop a sense of self-worth and security. True dignity comes with an assurance of one’s ability to rise to the challenges of human situation. Such assurance is unlikely to be fostered in people who have to live with the threat of violence and injustice, with bad governance and instability. Development as growth, advancement and realization of potential depends on available resources- and no resource is more potent than people empowered by confidence in their value as human beings.

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