Why should we travel? | Benefits of travelling

             Each one of us travel for our own reasons- for our career purpose, pleasure or just normal way of life. There is something therapeutic about being alone and being at peace with it. While you soak in a new culture, you also connect with your own inner self. Travel makes us adaptable to any circumstances. It is a different world out there, literally

Be it the pace of life, the language or simply the change in weather, it is always a change and we have to adapt to it. This is what makes travelling truly beautiful as we get to break away from the routine and adapt to something totally new. 

We experience a new culture wherever we go. When you step out on the road, you learn something from everyone you meet. 

Strangers are some of the best teachers and you get an experience worth a lifetime. Meeting new people allows you to understand how different cultures live and diversifies your perspective about life.
              Through travelling, we get to refresh our taste buds by experiencing the local culinary. Learning can only be achieved by getting uncomfortableTravelling broadens our horizons and expands our circle of people that teach you something that we might have never learned if we would have stayed at the same place forever. 

Leaving our comfort zone behind will help us to find how capable we are when we face something that we would never thought we would encounter in life. Instead of looking beautiful pictures in Google, we should get on with our adrenaline rush to explore beautiful places. Traveling is the best way to allow ourselves to put the world into perspective. 

Without people at home telling us what we should do with our life, this is a time to think on our own. We should remind ourselves that life is short and we can be free to explore and make the most of it. Risk becomes our routine when we escape the risk of a routine life. 

Travelling turns us into a person that thinks universally and we start risking more for a better life. When you travel more, you worry less. When you travel far, you live more. These were a few reasons that I hope would give you an adrenaline rush and push you to travel more in life.