10 Applications Using Python Programming Language | What all can be done with Python Language

Python Programming

Python programming language has taken a boom. Python is considered as one of the most easiest of programming languages to learn and master since it doesn't have pointer to deal with, simple English syntax being its added advantage. Python seems like the live wire which connects everything. Here in this post we will show about the top ten applications of Python where you can excel.

1. Web Development
One area where python stands out is web development. Due to large availability of the frameworks such as Flask, web2py, Pyramid, python is been widely used in some of the worlds most popular and best known websites.
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2. Machine Learning
Python is considered as one of the first and foremost preference while learning ML. The flexibility and easy to code keeps it high above the rest. R programming language is also used for Machine learning but the easy English lookalike syntax makes python the first choice for most.
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3. Cryptography
Due to Big data, data security becomes a big concern. Cryptography comes handy while handling large amount of data and secures it with encryption and decryption techniques. It not only provides security to our data but also provides integrity to it.
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4.Data Structures
High amount of Data makes it harder to manage. Data Structure is a way of organizing, managing and handling data. We can perform various operations over our data and keep them ordered. 
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5. Games
Python is widely used in gaming platforms. Most of the worlds know games such as FlappyBird, Tetris, Battlefield 2 and Unity of Command are developed and designed in it.
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6.Web Frameworks
Web Frameworks are used as a support system for developing the web based applications such as web services, web APIs. It gives a platform where you can create and deploy it on the www.
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7.Data Science
Data Science is a way of collecting data and organizing them to draw conclusions over it and thus enhancing productivity. R and Python being the most preferred choices of the learner in the field of DS python has an edge over R since Python is easy to learn and has large package available to learner.
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8.Computer Vision
One of the most fascinating and upcoming field of python is computer vision. In Computer vision using Artificial Intelligence, the computer is taught to understand and draw conclusion of the visuals.
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9.Web Applications
Web applications are the programs that are designed to run over a remote server. Python programming language can be used to develop a server side web application.
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10. Web Crawler
Web Crawler as the word suggest it crawls the web. It can be interchangeably used as siders or spiderbots, its main work is to crawl and browse through web pages. 
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