25 Most Common Birds Found In India | Common City Birds of India

Bird watching is one of the most exciting experiences. Other than Bird Sanctuaries there are many bird species that can be seen around our houses. BookMark Me brings you the list of most common 25 birds which can be found nearby.

1. Oriental Magpie Robin (दहियर, काली सुई चिड़िया)

Oriental Magpie Robin which is known as a black and white bird in India has the scientific name of  Copsychus saularis. It comes from a family of passerine birds which means they are perching birds, small in size, and are good at singing. It is called Dahiyar and Kali Sui Chidiya in Hindi.
Listen to the magnificent call of Magpie Robin here.

2. House Sparrow (Gauraiya) 

House Sparrow is the state Bird of Bihar and Delhi. It is one of the most common birds to be found in India. Its scientific name is Passer Domesticus. From North to south and East to West you can spot a house sparrow everywhere. Since 2000 their number is been decreasing drastically due to deforestation. The difference between the female and male house sparrow is that male sparrow has black spot underneath their neck while female doesn't have.
Check out the close up on a house sparrow.

3. Red Vented Bulbul (Bulbul)

Red Vented Bulbul is very famous for its singing. Its scientific name is Pycnonotus cafer. They are popularly known as Bulbul in Hindi. They can be identified by red-colored spots underneath its stomach and black colored monarch hat. They are destroying flowers, fruits, and seeds bearing vegetables but helps in spreading seeds too.
Here is a close up video on Red Vented Bulbul. Flame throated Bulbul is the state bird of Goa.

4. Common Myna (Mayna)

Common Myna is sometimes called Indian Myna or Mynah. It's scientific name is Acridotheres Trestis. Its Hindi name is Myna. They are brown in color and can be easily identified by its yellow-colored beak and legs. These birds are native to Asian Continent and are from the family of small medium-sized passerine birds. Bastar hill Mayna is the state bird of Chattisgarh and Hill Mayna is the state bird of Meghalaya.
Check this video out for a close up on Common Myna.

5. Indian White Eye (Safed Ankh Wali Chidiya)

Indian White Eye is also known as Oriental White eye. Its scientific name is Zosterops palpebrosus. It is a small perching species and known as Safed Ankh Wali Chidiya in India because of the white colored ring around its eye. They mostly feed on nectars and small insects.
Check this video out for a close up

6.Rose Ringed Parakeet (Totta)

Rose ringed Parakeet is the state bird of Andhra Pradesh. Its Scientific name is Pisttacula Krameri. It is a medium-sized parrot and is considered one of the best and most talkative parakeets. It is highly intelligent and is good pets.

7.Asian Koel (Kokila)

The scientific name for Asian Koel is Eudynamys scolopaceus. They come from a Cuckoo Family and alves class, popularly known as Kokila in Hindi. It is found in the Asian continent. Female Koels have the stupendous ability to hold back its eggs and delay production of it. They lay their eggs in the nest of crows after hatching koels would start singing and crows would chase them out. Koels are considered to be one of the good singing birds. Asian Koel is the state bird of Jharkhand and Union Territory of Puducherry.

8.Indian Robin (Robin)

Indian Robin is a Muscicapidae family bird and is found mainly in the regions of North and western India. Its scientific name is Copsychus fulicatus. These are small birds and male Indian Robins can be identified by its white patch over its shoulders. They have long tails and are mostly upright in position.

9.Little Egret (Chota/Safed Bagula)

Little Egret is a bird from small Herons popularly known as Bagulla or Bagulle in Hindi. Its scientific name is Egretta garzetta. They are mostly found near ponds, lakes, and rivers. It is white colored and is an aquatic bird. They mostly feed on fish, crabs, lobsters, and other aquatic animals. They are found near the port or beach regions in India.

10. Pond Heron (Andha Bagula)

Pond Herons is also known as Paddy Bird in India. It is a small-sized heron and is brown in color. Its scientific name is Ardeola Grayii. These are also found near the regions of the pond.  They usually feed on the aquatic species of the ponds from small fishes to floating vegetation. They are known as Andha Bagula in Hindi which means Blind Heron. Though they are not fully bling but are short sighted.

11. Shikra 

Shikra is a bird of prey and comes from the family of Accipitridae. Its scientific name is Accipiter badius. In the regions of Africa, it is called banded goshawk. Shikra bird is considered as one of the intelligent bird species. They are extensively used for Falconry. Falconry is the training of birds of prey. It build a nest every year and lay about 4 to 7 eggs at once.

12. Indian Roller (Neelkant)

Indian Roller is the state Bird of Orissa, Telangana, and Karnataka. Its scientific name is Coracias benghalensis and is considered as one of the beautiful spices of birds found in India. Its purple-blue color makes it looks vibrant.  These birds are generally considered silent and only become vocal during its breeding season which starts from the month of March and goes on till June.

13. Kites (Cheel)

Like Shikra these are also from the family Accipitirdae. In India, kites are found in many species such as black kites, red kites, and many others. Its scientific name is Milvus migrans. These are birds of prey and feed mainly on mice, rats, and squirrels. There are few species that are particular about eating such as snail Kites which only eats snails.

14. Baya Weaver (Baya Gauriya)

Baya Weaver is a small weaver bird which means its nests are readily designable and are passerine birds. They make very beautiful and stupendous looking nests which are mostly hanging structures. They are mostly found in the regions of scrub and grasslands. They can also be found near the regions of cultivated land.

15.Black Drongo (Racket Punch Bird)

Black Drongo as the name suggests is a blackbird with scientific name as Dicrurus macrocercus. It is fully black and has a long forked tail. They weigh from 40g to 80g. They are mostly hunting birds which hunt near the ground. They have different breeding seasons according to the regions of India. When they are in Southern Parts of India they reed early from February to March while in other parts of India they breed from February to August.

16.Barn Owl (Shwet Ullu)

Barn Own Popularly known as Ullu. They are found in almost all parts of India. It has a very rhythmic scientific name as Tyto Alba Alba.  They mostly feed on small mice and mouse. They mostly swallow their entire diet. Barn owl mostly do not hoot which means they rarely shout or make noise. They are also birds of prey. They can be found almost everywhere form grasslands, deserts to high altitude regions.

17.Common Tailorbird (Darjan Chidiya)

Common Tailorbird as the name suggests has a very long tail and is mostly upright. Its scientific name is Orthotomus sutorius. These are very small sized birds ranging from 10 to 15 cm and weigh from merely 10 to 15gm. These are very bright in color and have a very loud call hence considered a very good singing bird.

18. Green Bee Eater (Patena)

Green Bee Eater as the name suggests mainly diet on Bees. Its scientific name is Merops Orientalis. They are highly colored and are about 15 to 19 cm long. They have mostly green color combined with blue. One interesting fact about these birds is that its sexes are not distinguished easily. It has a black colored ring around its neck which is known as a forget.

19.Coppersmith Barbet (Basanta Chidiya)

Coppersmith Barbet is a bird from the family of Megalaimidae. It has a scientific name as Psilopogon haemacephalus. These are also called coppersmith or crimson breasted Barbet. They are from Alves class and Animalia kingdom. It has a call which is similar to the coppersmith hitting metal. It has one of the loudest calls.

20. Greater Coucal (Mahok / Dugdugi Chidiya)

Its scientific name is Crentropous Sinesis. It is also known as crow pheasant. They are from the family of Cuculiformes. These are non-parasitic bird species and comes in the family under which Cuckoos also exists.  They are very weak fliers which means they can't fly for a long time and due to which they mostly prey and eat at the ground.

21. Pigeons (Kabutar)

Pigeons are also known as Domestic pigeons in India. Its scientific name is Columba livia domestica. Pigeons are from the family of Columbidae which consists of pigeons and dove. They are very strong birds and are used for racing. When domesticated properly they return back to the same spot after a long flight. Interestingly for racing, some birds have even been sold at the rate of more than whooping Rs. 20,00,00,000. Green Imperial Pigeons are the state bird of Tripura while Andaman wood pigeon is the representative bird for Andaman and Nicobar.

22.Laughing Dove (Chota Fakta)

Laughing Dove comes from the same family as Pigeons which is Columbidae. Its scientific name is Spilopelia senegalensis. They are mostly found in the regions where there are dry scrubs and semi-desert or arid regions.Emerald dove is the state bird of Tamil Nadu.

23. Jungle Babbler (Sat Bhai)

Jungle Babbler is a small bird found in most parts of India. Its scientific name is Argya striata. It has a yellow and dark brow near its eye which gives it an angry look. They are social birds and are found in groups of 6 to 10. They mostly feed on nectars, berries, and small insects.

24. Sunbird (Purple Rumped Sunbird)

Sunbirds are from the family of Nectariniidae. These are small-sized passerine birds which produces very loud calls. One of the species of Sunbird which is Purple Rumped Sunbird is endemic to India. They mostly dwell in pairs or in a very small groups.

25. Ashy Prinia (Futki)

Ashy Prinia is a small warbler bird and it's the scientific name as Prinia socialis. These are Indian Breeder Species. These are most visible in urban areas. These are small-sized with a long upright tail. These are also singing birds.