Easiest and Quickest Way to Identify Fake or Real Honey | Impure vs Pure Honey

Identify between adulterated fake impure and real pure honey
No doubt that pure honey is one of the tastiest things to eat. But most of the honey which is available in the market are either fake or are adulterated. Thus it becomes our utmost priority to check whether the honey is pure or fake. Here we are providing you with four easiest and quickest way to identify between impure,fake and real honey.

1. Using Matchsticks to Identify fake or real Honey

One of the easiest ways to differentiate between real and fake honey is using matchsticks, If you have matchsticks at your home follow the below instructions to identify it

  • First, dip the matchstick in a small amount of honey where it has its burning coating usually darker or black in color. 
  • Now take it out and try to light the matchstick. 
  • If the matchsticks light up it is real honey. Usually, when it's fake the liquid content is higher than normal hence it doesn't light up.

2. Using Sand to identify fake and real honey

Another easy way to identify honey is by using sand or soil.
Let's reveal this easy trick.

  •  Drop a small amount of honey on sand.
  • Try to take the pick the sand where honey is been put.
  • If sands sticks to the honey it is impure and it's fake honey. 
  • The sand or the soil should not stick to honey and should roll over it 

3. Using a piece of paper to identify between fake and real honey.

Another easy way to identify adulterated honey and real honey is by using a piece of paper. It is one of the most common methods.
  • Take a small amount of honey and pour it over a paper
  • Let it stay for five minutes.
  • Now take the paper and check the bottom of it.
  • If the paper becomes wet then it is impure fake and adulterated honey. 
  • If the paper is dry from bottom it's its real and pure honey.

4. Using a cloth to identify adulterated and pure honey.

  • Take a small amount of honey and drop it over a shirt,tshirt or any piece of cloth. 
  • Tilt it so that honey should run down.
  • If honey sticks to cloth then it's impure and adulterated honey. 
  • If the honey goes downwards abd doesn't stick you have the real and pure honey. 
These are the four quickest and easiest way to identify between adulterated,impure,fake vs real and pure honey. 

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